The Management of Sk8 47 Skating & Fun Center wish to thank all those who have voluntered and helped us to spruce up the rink and get ready for the opening and continue to offer their support and help!
Mom, Dad (father Tom), brother Tom, Sicily, uncle Tom, Mike, Tony, Chad,  Joey, Nicole, Zack, Melvin, Nick, Hal, Jill, Ben, Marie & Joe
Sk8 47 Skating & Fun Center Opening night  Wednesday June 22, 2016 at 6:30 P.M.
Sk8 47's first Adult Night skate on July 15th featuring
DJ Phil  & DJ Ed

Jim April 1999 in garage practicing those now famous smooth moves of his.
Jim June 1998  Echelon Skating Center. Almost 4 years old. One of our favorite photos.
Jim May 1999 Echelon Skating Center. This skate is for couples only.
Special Halloween Theme Skates 2016
Saturday Nov. 12, 2016 Blackout Skate 2.0